I wouldn’t use anyone else. Matt is an amazing photographer.


He has a keen eye for detail

Matthew has an excellent eye that really captures unique pictures. He has a very creative and imaginative style and a keen eye for detail. Not only that, he did everything to make us feel relaxed and comfortable! The pictures came out unbelievably amazing! Thanks for being so supportive and getting me do something I always loved. It was an amazing experience! If you want a really skilled photographer to capture the most professional picture of you while you just have fun with it, then Matthew is a perfect photographer for you!

Roma Yirasa

Tell your friends about him!

Shooting with Matthew goes down in the books for me. We took away all the studio equipment, the lights, no make up – nothing more than just the feel of the city and a chance to explore something unfamiliar to me. But, before we even got to that, we took time to hear each-others’ story – he wanted to fully understand the vision and how he could complement that on his turf. Matt is a sharp shoota with one hell of a perspective. Book him! Tell your friends about him! Shoot again with him! It will be well-worth the investment. To my brother, thank you.


Made us feel comfortable!

Matt was really great to work with. He is super funny, easy to get along with, and made us feel comfortable. The photos we received were high-quality, would highly recommend!

Calvin Frith

Matthew is very patient

Matthew is a very patient and talented photographer! I never usually like the way I look in pictures, but I loved every picture he took of me. He is great at giving suggestions and is so fun to work with 🙂 Thank you Matt!

Hannah Olsson

He tells a story

Working with Matt has been nothing but THE BOMB! I love working with a photographer that knows what he wants and is serious about their craft. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable and he took me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to another level of modeling. He tells a story, he’s particular, and he executes.


The way he uses colors

Matt is one of the first photographer I’ve worked with since I moved to New York. His work is amazing to say the least. His style of photography and the way he using colors tells a vivid story. It was a pleasure working with him, for sure.

Owen Cain

Highly Recomended

Matt’s skill level is easily evident in his photography. He’s able to capture not just landscape or portraits of people but the emotion that these subjects give off. Truly talented and he doesn’t stop till he gets the perfect shot. Highly Recomended.

Tungi Lawrence

He looked deeper than the surface!

We loved working with you! It wasn’t only taking pictures, you invested in our lives, and took the time to get to know us all and followed everybody’s desires in taking pictures. Thank you so much!

Peter & Tatjana Bak

Matt was great!

Matt was great! It was super fun and the photos came out really well. Would definitely recommend!

Melanie Ginsburg

Cares about your happiness

He really cares about your happiness and he is a patient person. He worked with me and in the end the product he delivered was AMAZING and exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t the easiest to deal with, but he stuck with me and I HIGHLY recommend him.

Aminah Mckinnie

He is flexible and punctual

We had a very good experience with Matt as our wedding photographer. From the very beginning he was easy to work with, flexible, punctual, and about his business without being overly serious. His professional nature mixed with his artistic eye made us and our wedding party feel like were modeling for a magazine. And not only did we feel that way, but the final product was definitely reminiscent of a photoshoot for a high fashion magazine. Overall, we would definitely recommend Matt to anyone and everyone.


Captures a level of emotion

Matt is one of the most talented photographers I’ve personally come across. The way he creatively uses photography to depict a personal brand or culture is incredible. He is so skilled in his art that no piece is close to ordinary. Every photo is extremely unique and captures a level of emotion. You will not be disappointed.

Martin English

Elite Level

I have personally worked with Matt on several projects over the years in New York and in Chiang Mai. And I can say his skills are far superior from any other photographer that I have worked with. Seeing his work grow to an elite level has definitely been a privilege. Some photographers are only photographers because they have a good camera. Matt has a true eye for photography, lighting, and angles to allow him to truly embody what it means to be a photographer. I will continue to with him on projects in the future.


He went out of his way!

I was lucky to have the opportunity to borrow some of Matt’s talent for a photo shoot in Chiang Mai and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos came out. He was really accommodating and went out of his way to bring us to great locations when he really didn’t have to. I would gladly ask Matt again for another photo shoot if the opportunity arises.

Teck Wong

He took time to listen

Matthew was amazing patient to get the perfect shot. He took time to listen to you suggestions and give great direction. He’s definitely someone you want capturing your travel destinations moments.

Angi Thomas

I’ve hired him numerous times

Matt’s photography and work ethic is amazing! I’ve hired him numerous times and each time I’ve felt nothing but comfortability. The artistic eye he has is unique. I’d work with him again.


Iconic! I love the way

Iconic! I love the way my pictures look, Matthew took pictures of my proposal and captured the emotion of just how special that day was for me and my fiancé. Very professional and personable!

Eulado Mcfarlane

One of a kind

Matt is amazing! His work speaks for itself, and is never shy of professional. His creativity makes his work unique and he captures moments that leave you in awe while also telling a story.


You should contact Matt

I had just two shootings before the shoot with Matt, but with his personality he took all my tensions. We had a nice chat next to the shooting and he was still perfect in setting my up to get many great pictures. I think it’s very important to know more about each other to capture all parts of the personality in the pictures, kind of a storytelling. So all in all I am glad that I can leave this review because a soul like him deserves to get the attention. If you’re looking for a photographer in Chiang Mai, you should contact Matt. I hope to get another chance soon, two times are not enough! I love his Photography skills!

Patrick Schliemann

He took the time to listen

From my first contact with Matt, he intuitively understood that this was so much more than just a travel photoshoot for me. He took the time to really listen to where I am in my life and what this shoot represented. He made me feel very at ease on the shoot, and his approach was creative, thoughtful, yet also wonderfully spontaneous. The experience gave me a new lease of life, and deepened my appreciation for the magic that is in Chiang Mai.

Enda King