An excellent portrait looks appealing to the eye and speaks to the heart of the observer. Moreover, a great portrait leaves a great impression, like showing your personality. That’s why I pay special attention to each portrait, I want to capture your personality. Each photo is a work of art that I pour my heart and soul into.

If you need new photos for your CV, your company, your book, or you just want to have photos of yourself taken by a professional, I’d love to assist you.

As Chiang Mai’s best photographer I’ve been able to gain years and years of fashion photography experience, I’ve used lighting, backdrops, poses, and locations to capture the essence of my subjects. Chiang Mai Fashion Photography is my primary focus; I believe wonderful portraits aren’t all about fashion. After all, if there was a single place in the world where you can capture beautiful nature, architecture, and wildlife – that’s Chiang Mai.

In the end, don’t hesitate, contact me, and we can talk more about creating portraits that will continue to make you stand out.